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Capabilities and Current Contracts

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ITS-EPS (Information Technology Solutions—U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) Research Triangle Park, NC; Washington D.C. and Chantilly VA, 2001 - Present

Berrett & Associates, Inc. employees, subcontractors and consultant staff have an aggregate of over 40 years of total experience working with at the U.S. EPA, both as Federal and contract employees, at the technical and management level, at the beginning of the ITS-EPA contract.  Over the duration of this contract, this experience has more than doubled in terms of person-years of direct EPA IT infrastructure support activities.  The experience includes management, planning and technical execution at all levels within the EPA IT networking infrastructure.  It also includes conducting detailed management and planning work in a distributed-service IT environment under the “Working Capital Fund” mechanism.

The scope of Berrett & Associates, Inc. contracted services includes:   Project Management; IT professional services including LAN/WAN Design; implementation, maintenance and 24x7 monitoring  and management of EPA’s national network; firewalls and related security services for network security; network support/administration; network/telecom services; planning and analysis; system design and architecture; and related IT services and customer interface.

In addition to a project manager, Berrett & Associates, Inc. provided high-level certified Cisco systems and engineers and other technical staff to design, acquire, implement and manage a new national network for the U.S. EPA, replacing the point-to-point Wide Area Network (WAN.)
The network requirements included providing service to more than 24,000 Federal and contractor employees at 80 locations throughout the continental United States and several overseas locations. Additional requirements included creating highly reliable and robust connectivity to the internet, supporting emerging protocols and providing services such as metro-area VoIP and agency-wide point-to-point, broadcast/multicast video. 

The resulting network met and exceeded all service and performance requirements and substantially expanded the available bandwidth—and all for a fraction of the cost of the previous network.  Berrett & Associates, Inc. has employed more than 30 on-site professionals with the right skill set to meet the ongoing IT needs of the ITS-EPA project.

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Department of Justice, Washington D.C.,  2004 to current,

Berrett & Associates, Inc. in partnership with Alltech, assisted the DOJ in the development of the Office of Information Program Management (Dept of JACON PMO.)   The program manager of this office is an employee of Berrett & Associates, Inc. and has offered innovative program and project management IT support to the DOJ for six years. 

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Department of Justice, US Trustees, March 30, 2009 to current

In partnership with Alltech, Berrett & Associates, Inc. set up the Grants Management database on a short-term contract for DOJ’s US Trustees. Since 2009, Berrett’s SharePoint administrator provides on-site management of the US Trustees SharePoint site and all subsidiary sites, such as the National Bankruptcy Training Institute, the National Creditors Abuse initiative and the national selection of trustees to manage large corporate bankruptcies. The SharePoint administrator is also responsible for site documentation, InfoPath programming and end-user training.

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NIH--National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), Washington
D. C., 2009

As a trusted partner of A-tek Inc., Berrett & Associates, Inc. provides Tier I Help Desk Support as part of this technologically advanced IT environment to facilitate the research and training needs of the scientists and administrators of NIAMS.

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National Guard Bureau, Washington D.C.,  May 2009  

Berrett & Associates, Inc., as a subcontractor for VETS, LLC, was engaged to recruit a national program manager and child and youth program specialists for 50 states and four territories for the National Guard Bureau’s Child and Youth Services program.   Berrett & Associates worked to rebadge when possible existing youth specialists at the state offices, as well as implemented a nation-wide employment search for qualified candidates to enhance outreach programming and collaboration for National Guard Children and Youth, especially military families facing deployment.

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Harding Security Associates, Inc., McLean, VA--2006, 2007 & 2008

For this intelligence and counter-intelligence government security contractor which supported work on the Patriot Act, Berrett & Associates, Inc. completed a total redesign of their IT system.  Later, Harding Security Associates hired Berrett IT professionals to move their network from one office complex into an expanded location.  Harding executives praised Berrett’s IT team for exceeding project deadlines and providing exemplary service for having their company-wide network up and running at their new location in less than four hours.  Berrett also maintained the Help Desk operations

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Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. and Chantilly, VA, Nov. 2001 - 2006

Berrett & Associates, Inc. provided five IT professionals, including a project software manager and experienced senior software engineers, to support the DOJ’s mission-critical national security priorities and changing future requirements.  Berrett personnel served as project lead and developed a platform of  web-based Java applications, as well as performed maintenance, including requirements analysis, design, code and testing on software development projects.   Our IT professionals collaborated with other Federal and military agencies to create interoperable software solutions. 

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FBI—Washington D.C.  2005 & 2006

Berrett & Associates, Inc. provided several on-site skilled Tier II and Tier Ill Help Desk Support personnel for the Washington D.C. FBI offices and in several area field offices.   In addition, Berrett also provided certified IT professionals to support disaster recovery and systems testing requirements for the FBI’s mission-critical IT network.

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DOE Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS), Colorado, 1995 until shut down in early 2003

Berrett & Associates, Inc. served as a key team member of the information technology services group through providing high-level staffing, including the Deputy CIO and certified Cisco engineers, in several functional areas at this 385-acre DOE industrial nuclear clean-up site.  As a subcontractor to DynCorp and the prime Kaiser-Hill LLC, Berrett & Associates professionals created the 10-year IT business plan and worked in coordination with site officials to decommission systems on the world’s largest and most complex closure project.  Berrett & Associates, Inc. along with its partners created and utilized an advance IT network infrastructure to support the tracking, decommissioning, decontamination, reporting and government/public transparency requirements, as well as supported day- to- day IT activity, including Oracle support, throughout the DOE site.  Berrett & Associates, Inc.  personnel were consistently recognized by the prime and DOE for their customer service focus, responsiveness, teamwork and high level of performance at the RFETS.  

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DOE –Washington D.C., Germantown, M.D. and Gaithersburg, M.D.

Berrett & Associates professionals supported network operations, hardware and software management, file and print services, and email services at the Department of Energy offices in Washington, D.C., Germantown, MD. and Gaithersburg, MD.  Berrett personnel filled the key positions of Operations Manager, Network Systems Manager, and Networks Systems Architect during the transition from and main-frame based to a decentralized server based IT environment.

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